Markets Where Sales Acceleration System Has Been Applied 


We solve these types of problems for executives, sales and marketing teams:


PROBLEM: Need 3rd Party validation of  value proposition for new product launch sales message 

PROBLEM: Identify  prospect’s persona and pain points

PROBLEM: Shifting sales targets and customer conversations -  from engineers to architects


PROBLEM: Segmentation and messaging refresh due to changing/re-entering market


PROBLEM: Problems with downstream communication in “channel” ecosystem (distributors, dealers, manufacturing reps)


PROBLEM: Shift from single transactional offer to a more complex integrated “solution”


PROBLEM:  Competitor  launching new technologies, products, services


PROBLEM: New pricing strategy (e.g., across-the-board price increases) requires new sales and marketing messaging


PROBLEM:  Shift from product-focused messages to a “business value” talk track

Sales Acceleration System Case Study:
Mid-Sized Industrial Equipment Company



STEP 1: Market Research, 3rd Party Data, Message Mapping to Guide Sales Story Conversation

  • Conduct internal sales team survey to determine “customer usage of the internet during selling process”

  • Develop revised corporate Value Proposition Messaging Brief mapped to the buyer’s journey

  • Provide target persona Battle Card and Sales “Talk Track” tool


STEP 2: Buyer’s Journey Content/Assets Developed for Each Stage of Customer Buying Process

  • Awareness: “What if you could…” Corporate Video

  • Consideration:  “Executive Perspectives from the President” Digital Asset

  • Preference:  Solution/Sales Sheets

  • Intent to Buy:  Case Studies, 3rd party validation/testimonials


STEP 3: Field Sales Coaching and Insights Workshop

  • Agenda:  Marketing and Sales interlock strategy and tactics, hands-on training for using new messaging and assets

  • Attendance:  Workshop held at corporate office with people from across the organization, including executives (CEO/COO). Finance, Sales, Marketing, and Product Executives and Global Sales Team.

  • Value-Added Session:  How to use LinkedIn to create a more personalized sales experience

STEP 4: Long-term Impact of Sales Acceleration System

  • Re-evaluation of digital content:  Website reborn as educational buyer’s journey and sales tool

  • Increase in visibility of company on the Internet:  Search Engine Optimization, improved digital metrics 

  • Targeting of prospects and competitive differentiation: Competitor key word analysis

  • Shift in customer experience:  Consistent messaging/experience across all platforms (desktop, mobile)

Where has Alignment Advisors Sales Acceleration System successfully applied been applied?