What is the Alignment Advisors Sales Acceleration Process

Discovery Phase - Virtual

Gathering customer data, digital surveys, focus groups, interviews

Sales Story Validation Workshop - In Person
  • Risk Management of Sales Story by partnering with 3rd party expert

  • A two-hour collaborative meeting between executives from corporate, product, sales, marketing and channel management to explore customer dynamics, interactions and opportunities

  • Proprietary and customized persona practice, segmentation model and value story design methodology

  • Can be company-wide or focused on a specific solution, target, or market

  • Designed to generate consensus around Customer Conversation. A set of messaging “pillars” to be used across all communication platforms and drive sales acceleration 

Sales Battle Card – Text Based
  • One-page Internal sales enablement tool that concisely tells the story for each stage of the buyers’ journey in keywords, sound bites, and one-liners

  • Used to activate the output from the Customer Sales Story Workshop.

Sales Circle of Value Card – Image Based
  • One-page external customer-facing tool that displays the sales talk track pillars in photos and visuals without text.

  • Designed to enable the sales team to deliver 15-20 second stories to create urgency and close the sale.

Sales Coaching/Training Webinar - Digital
  • Two sessions of 30 minutes each, plus 15 minutes for questions and answers

  • Condenses the output from the Customer Sales Story Workshop to 30 minutes for sharing across the sales and channel teams.

Sales Coaching/Training Videos - Digital
  • 3-minute “quick hit” videos emulating a TED Talk engagement, focused on messaging pillars

  • Can be used by sales on a call or in person

  • Designed to go viral across a decision-making body, representing your sales story when you are not in the room.

Thought Leader/Subject Matter Expert Speaking Engagement – Digitally 
  • Three-part presentation commonly delivered at annual/quarterly sales meetings    

  • Part 1: “Infotaining” facts and information that informs sales teams about current trends in the marketplace, including topics such as,  Consumerization of the B2B marketplace, targeting personas, shifting buyer “power” in the sales process, Insight Selling techniques

  • Part 2:  Your Customer:  Their buying behaviors, what information they are using and where they search for more

  • Part 3: Sales Pitchbook Coaching on how to use sales battle card, Circle of Value Card in the field with customers.  Highlight LinkedIn tactics and educate on how to use website and mobile device to accelerate the sales process. We are Sales Accelerators, not Consultants. 

Global Revenue Enablement Outsourcing Services 

Types of enablement projects that we partner with clients to drive revenue acceleration   

• Apply market and customer research data and insights about target personas, buyer needs and the purchasing decision process for the product to develop collateral and content

• Sales enablement. Ready sales team to carry message(s) to market with consistency and confidence through programs and curated sales content.

• Conduct a continuous training motion to ensure internal and extended sales forces are fully supported.

• Collaborate with stakeholders across departments and stay in close communication with/present frequently to sales reps and sales leadership. Ability to break down complex concepts into extremely simple and clear terms for sales.

• Support co-creation of demo call scripts and contact cadences, leveraging industry best practices, to improve client engagement

• Develop the competitive intelligence system and comparison guide for use in positioning against similar offerings from competitors

• Advise on development of  customer references, testimonials and case studies for external and internal use

• Drive and help operationalize sales plays around product retention and upsell/cross-sell and/or collaborate with others in the marketing function

• Conduct/review interviews and perform ongoing analysis to determine the level of customer product understanding and integrate feedback into messaging and enablement materials

• Regularly elicit feedback from sales reps to better understand the current climate and build / optimize sales enablement materials to meet client needs.

• Monitor and report on the performance sales enablement initiatives, corresponding outcomes and communicate the results of these efforts

• Support coordination of global sales enablement roll-out and communications

• Be 3rd party validation advisor on storytelling, help  creating stories for inspiring customers and enabling sales teams with product materials, demos and value-based narratives.