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Field Sales can no longer do what they do so well. They will have to  rely on  a hybrid  model of virtual and face to face interactions to establish and build relationships. That's where Alignment Advisors can help you with the challenge which is, that over just a few months, we have all been turned into de facto Inside Salespeople. Here are proven solutions that can help your sales team increase customer connections and conversion rates in-person, over the phone, on video calls, or executing great demos. 

Advisory Service #1

Global Value Proposition Messaging and Customer Conversation Framework

  1.  Be 3rd party validation advisor on storytelling and help create stories for inspiring customers and enabling sales teams with product materials, demos, and value-based narratives.  Advise on development of customer references, testimonials, and case studies for external and internal use​

  2.  Apply market and customer research data and insights about target personas buyer needs and the purchasing decision process for the product to develop collateral and content

  3.  Support co-creation of demo call scripts and contact cadences, leveraging industry best practices to improve client engagement

Advisory Service #2

Global Sales Process, Customer Journey, and Virtual Demo Best Practices

  1.  Global Sales process evaluation of all departments that touch the customer during the  buyers journey. Help to break down complex concepts into extremely simple and clear terms for Product Marketing, Demand Generation, Sales Engineers, Salespeople, Client Success, Operations and Legal.

  2. Collaborate with global stakeholders across departments and stay in close communication with and present frequently to sales reps and sales leadership. 

  3. Establish a formal global training program or Digital University for existing sales team, help create a formal on-boarding process for new hires and continuous learning motion for current sales team. 

  4. Help ready global sales team to provide compelling demos and carry message(s) to market with consistency and confidence through training programs around the trifactor of phone talk track, laptop/desktop demo and LinkedIn platform. 

  5. Drive and help operationalize global sales plays around net new customer acquisitions, Win Backs, campaign retention, and upsell/cross-sell. 

Advisory Service #3

Global Customer Perception and Competitive Intelligence System

  1. Conduct and review global customer interviews and perform ongoing analysis to determine the level of customer product understanding and integrate feedback into messaging and enablement materials

  2. Develop or enhanced the global competitive intelligence system and comparison guide for use in positioning against similar offerings from competitors

  3. Regularly elicit global feedback from sales reps to better understand customers and the current climate 

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